Supervised Exchange

Supervised Visitation Exchange is supervised exchange of a child(ren)  from one parent to another in order to ensure safety, monitor transfer, comply to safeguards and to record the exchange.

The Fee for visitation exchange is:

$35.00 one-time intake fee per parent

$25.00 for a one-way exchange (Parent A drops the child(ren) off, Parent B picks the child(ren) up)

$50.00 for two-way exchange (Parent A drops the child(ren) off, Parent B picks the child(ren) up.  Following an arranged period of time, the child(ren) is returned to Relationships by Parent B to be picked up by Parent A)


These fees may vary depending on time and complications.

Important Notice:

Effective 09-20-2016, Relationships will charge a $50.00 Failure to Cancel Fee for failure to cancel within three hours of the scheduled appointment (this includes “no-shows”).

When calling to cancel an appointment, if you are unable to speak to office personnel, please be sure to leave a voicemail.  If you are unable to speak with a staff and fail to leave a voicemail, you will be charged the $50.00/$100.00 fee.  Fees must be paid prior to or on the date of your next appointment.

Please be advised, this cannot be bill through your HMO and must be paid out-of-pocket.

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