Therapeutic-Supervision Information

Therapeutic Supervision is a conjoint parent-child therapy conducted by a licensed psychotherapist (in some cases a psychotherapy intern) who is trained in mental health.

There are several unique differences from Supervised Visitation:

1.  Services will be delivered by a psycho-therapist

2.  The utilization of the DSM-IV-TR; Meaning the client (parent or child) will receive a diagnosis

3. There will be an integration of mental health practices and skills; in addition to providing psychoeducation and parent education

4.  Assessment instruments may be utilized

5. Therapeutic-Supervision is conducted from a systemic orientation with an awareness and ability of treating the family unit, while being mindful of and assessing the mental and emotional well-being of each individual.

Insurance companies generally pay for psychological services.

Relationships,llc does NOT offer a sliding fee.

Important Notice:
Effective 09-20-2010, Relationships will charge a $50.00 Failure to Cancel Fee for failure to cancel within three hours of the scheduled appointment (this includes “no-shows”).

When calling to cancel an appointment, if you are unable to speak to office personnel, please be sure to leave a voicemail.  If you are unable to speak with personell and fail to leave a voicemail, you will be charged the $50.00 fee.  Fees must be paid prior to or on the date of your next appointment.

Please be advised, this cannot be bill through your HMO and must be paid out-of-pocket.

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