Relationships provides the following services:

  • Family Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Premarital Services
  • Parenting Assessments
  • Therapeutic Teams
    • A team of  graduate students and one supervisor work together with the clients
  • Co-Therapy Teams
    • Two therapists work with a family
  • Reflecting Teams
    • Family strengths are discussed throughout the session while family members observe the discussion
  • Videotaping Opportunities
    • (With client’s permission/ consent)  Videotaping therapy sessions allows the therapist & client (s) an opportunity to review their work



Effective 09-20-2016, Relationships will charge a $50.00/$100.00 Failure to Cancel Fee for failure to cancel within three hours of the scheduled appointment (this includes “no-shows”).

When calling to cancel an appointment, if you are unable to speak to office personnel, please be sure to leave a voicemail.  If you are unable to speak with a staff and fail to leave a voicemail, you will be charged the $50.00 Monday – Thursday and $100.00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Fees must be paid prior to or on the date of your next appointment.

Please be advised, this cannot be billed through your HMO and must be paid out-of-pocket.

Relationships, llc currently provides Supervised Visitation services to families in the Minneapolis area.


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