Relationships, LLC


Dr. Joseph Reid, LMFT

The purpose of Relationships is to provide professional counseling / therapy services for families, couples, individuals, and the community.  Therapists at Relationships work to provide culturally sensitive services to diverse populations in the Twin Cities metro area. Clients come to Relationships to learn how to foster healthy relationships, change relational patterns and better understand themselves.

Relationships is a therapy mental health training center led by Dr. Joseph Reid, LMFT.  Dr. Reid is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist , a professor, a speaker, a supervisor and a consultant.  Dr. Reid desires to educate and be a vital component of a student-therapist’s development which is grounded in cultural awareness, academic insight, community inclusiveness and self-awareness, while growing to be a competent and gifted therapist in the field.

Relationships,llc Organization Proclamation

Mission – To provide education, training, mental health services and validation to individuals, couples, family and community that is inclusive, respectful and relational while practicing and inspiring self-awareness.

Vision:  Creating a space where every relationship is valued

Values: Providing service with Integrity * Respect * Knowledge * Curiosity * Accountability and Inclusiveness while valuing the individual and the collective.


phone – 612-824-3369                        fax – 612-824-3574

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